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Renovating your bathroom space

  1. Floor space

Make sure your floor space is not crowded, for any items on the floor say basket, make a small shelf to place. Always ensure the floor space is empty, except for a rug

  1. Walls

The walls are a perfect way to create additional space for your storage.

Climb up the floors with drawers or shelves

  1. Storage

The bathroom space may not be efficient for all the storage you may need, hence it's very important to have a few tips to help you improve on the space.

Create shelves or a cabinet on top of the toilet basin for extra storage

  1. Hidden space

Ever considered that space under the sink in your bathroom? Well it’s a pretty good storage space, begin with drawers and cabinets that you can use to store make up or extra toiletries 

  1. Décor

Who said those beautiful wall paintings are only for the living room and bedrooms, accessorize your bathroom with wall pieces to bring that fun look.

  1. Color

Imagine of a sweet orange or yellow painted bathroom? Lively right?

Painting the walls of you bathroom into a nice bright color adds life and a touch of style.

  1. Mirror on the wall,

Mirror on the wall, here we are again, okay is that a song?

Am sure you have heard this before, mirrors add space into a room.

  1. Accessories

Adding accessories is a very smart move, but when you over do it, it clutters the space and makes it look even smaller. If you add a few decorating items, be careful not to exceed the requirements. Otherwise you should be fine

  1. Cabinets

Not everything needs to be stored in the bathroom, you can store the excess towels, or toilet papers in your store room, just to avoid overcrowding your bathroom.

Only store what is really necessary in the bathroo

        10. Lighting

Last but not list, Lighting!

Lighting up a room makes it look very bright and lively, so number one room is to get some nice lighting in there, whether natural or not, the bathroom should be bright.

Consider beautiful lighting designs, just to add that touch