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Storage ideas for small bathrooms

  1. Basket it!

Makeup, extra toiletries, or towels should be stored in a basket in case your bathroom space is limited.

This can contribute to a lot of space for other large accessories so as to improve the general outlook of the room.

  1. Under sink and over sink

There is so much space that we often do not take into consideration, see that space under your sink or above it? Well that’s a lot of wasted space.

Create a one layer shelf and use it to place decorative ideas such as candles and flowers, but you can also use it to store your make up or extra face towels.

  1. Hooks

Place hooks on the wall, under the shelves, and use this to hang on towels, fresheners and anything else that is not too big or heavy.

Storage saved, easy!

  1. Use mirrors

Going through all these tips and none is working for you? Well here is the simplest part, use mirrors as much as you can, mirrors have a way of making a room look bigger than it actually is.

So yes, use mirrors

  1. Shelves

Why is it when you hear shelves you think of those narrow rectanglular shapes? Well, you can play around with all types of shades that come with wall space shelves. See below image  from DIY Better Homes

  1. Wall storage

That wall on your small bathroom could change your life. Get simple small shelves lined on the wall, use hooks as well to hang on stuff that is not as heavy. Image from HDTV.COM

  1. Accessorize

Always add a bit of style into everything, have a piece in the bathroom just for décor, throw in some candles, flowers and a wall piece. This creates the impression of style and comfort, making the fact that its small a non issue.