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Car parking tricks in apartment buildings

It’s okay to make mistakes while parking you car but these easy tips will make sure you park like a pro.

  1. Look for a space that is not crowded, what other easy tip is there than this one.

Learning how to park your car especially in apartment’s parking spaces can be challenging.

Ensure that the space you park is easy to drive off as well.

  1. Positioning your car

You will want to ensure it's a few foot distance away from the rest of the car so you can easily drive off and cut the wheels

If there are no cars near you, try and estimate a few foot distance like 5 so that you aren’t double parking.

Always signal when you find a parking space.

Then, drive slowly to locate the centre of the space.

For courtesy, Don’t park on a space another driver has been waiting for, that is purely rude.

Be careful and make sure no one else is driving towards your direction as you try to park.

  1. The wheels

This is the tricky part, make sure you cut the wheels sharply once you locate the centre of the parking

Do not forget the basic steps of ensuring a few foot distance away from other cars.

Ensure the space has no sharp objects or portholes.

  1. Final step.

Once you are done parking, this is the part where you straighten the wheels

Lock your car and you are ready to step into the house.