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Dining area decorative tips

Types of dining areas, this depends with the interior design uses, from minimalist, contemporary , modern, traditional, beach, farm houses

  1. Flowers and beautiful flower vases
  1. Antique pieces, like that old basket as a flower vase, old bucket with a splash of color
  2. Plants
  1. Color and painting
  1. Wall paper
  2. Wall hangings
  3. Pop of color, different color seats, cushions or throw pillows
  4. Mismatched seating, some with arm rest, some with cushions, some without
  5. Lighting, chandelier
  6. Candles and candle holders
  7. Centre piece:
  • kettle as a flower vase
  • fruits basket
  • several flower vases that match
  • bowl with lighting bulb or precious stones
  1. large mirror
  2. curved structure like a curving of a woman