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Choosing dining area curtains


  1. Lighting

Depending on your space, consider how much light you want to filter in or out:

Always opt for sheer curtains to allow more light into the space.

For spaces that get a lot of natural sunlight, opt for curtains in a natural hue. Sunlight

Tends to fade bright colored curtains faster.

  1. Measurements

Curtains mounted correctly will enhance your décor and make your room feel bigger. Choose a curtain or drape based on the following:

  1. Material

For a sunnier vibe, consider a lightweight fabric, like linen or cotton. It creates a casual, airy feel in most spaces.

  1. Style

Pull in a hue from your color palette with a solid or patterned window treatment. Go bold and make a statement with colorful patterned curtains. For a more subtle style, try a neutral patterned curtain or drape.