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Tips to a Clean Odourless Kitchen

  1. Use dryer sheets all over the place. You can place a dryer sheet on shelves, under the sink, in the pantry and in the garbage can between the liner and the bag. *//Not inside of the bag, it will just get wet and won’t deodorize this way//*
  2. Keep an open box of baking soda in your cabinets and fridge.
  3. Simmer citrus in water on the stove. Lemons and oranges smell so good and fresh.
  4. Crush ice in your disposal with lemons or lemonade mix once per week.
  5. Use the same lemonade mix in your dishwasher weekly and wipe up any food that is caught in the bottom of the washer.
  6. Clean the tray on the fridge. If you have a water spout on your fridge, it’s easy to forget about the standing water that can get moldy and smelly under the tray.
  7. Wipe down the drawers and door shelves inside the fridge weekly. If they aren’t clear, it’s hard to see the food bits that can get trapped in them and this really smells bad! 
  8. Store food correctly. You don’t want to keep garlic or potatoes beside the sink or somewhere else they could get wet. They need a cool dry place to hang out.
  9. Put an open glass of white vinegar on the counter. It doesn’t work immediately, but if you do this before bed, you’ll wake up to a fresher smelling kitchen!
  10. Pull out the fridge and stove and clean under them!! Do this at least 3 times a year. You’ll find food, kid and an animal toy, pencils, missing buttons…all sorts of things under there.
  11. Wipe off the stove hood. All sorts of grease and dust get stuck in and on top of that thing and the grease have an unpleasant scent when you smell really closely. 
  12. Clean under the cabinets. Don’t forget about those places that you can’t see. They get just as much grease as the stove hood from condensation during cooking.Learn More