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Choosing Curtains For Your Room.

Not only do curtains provide privacy and filter the light, they can transform a room and add another layer of warmth and personality. The best curtains to choose for your room, when hung properly, lend a sense of grandeur. 

There are a few things to consider before you select, buy, and hang your curtains.

Address Your Windows

Windows are a huge barrier to entry for lighting, and we don’t just mean the number of windows you have. Of course if you’re willing to tackle a large project and add more windows to your space, that’s a great way to increase natural lighting. But window treatments are a great thing to consider too. If it’s a room that doesn’t need privacy, consider skipping draperies to take advantage of every square inch of light that comes in.

Decorative Changes

Paint colors can play a huge part in the amount of light that bounces around your room. We all learned in grade school that white reflects light and black absorbs it. Put this science lesson to good use, and use white paint to bounce light around your room where you’re really starved for natural lighting. Dark paint colors can work wonders on small rooms to make them feel cozy, but if you’re going for that open, airy look, white is the ticket.

Look on the Bright Side

While we all love that bright, open look we see in magazines, consider embracing the amount of light your home gets. While it may not look magazine worthy, homes that don’t get a ton of natural light have their own advantages. First being that you won’t have to sell an organ to pay your electricity bill in the summer. Another great thing? No need to worry about the sun bleaching your upholstery, rugs, or weathering your wood furniture.