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Afraid of the real estate industry lately? Don’t be!

The real estate industry has this year attracted a number of fraud cases associated with fake developers as well as fake real estate agents who have swindled Kenyans millions of shillings. This comes at a time when statistics are showing that in Nairobi alone, hundreds of thousands of people are not housed and most of them are ready to get their own homes at all costs. This is from a research done by The Standard Media Group.

Here are the basics towards avoiding any mistakes when buying a home.

  1. A real estate agent is supposed to have been licensed and registered with the Estate Agents Registration Board.


  1. Insist on viewing other constructions in progress.



  1. Go through the contract with a lawyer before making any payments.


  1. Make sure they have an online presence, that is social media, website.



  1. The company must have offices and contacts open to the public.