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Tips for kitchen arrangement.

We are sure you know exactly how you want your new kitchen to look like, but getting the look can be a task. How much storage do you need? How can you make you kitchen better without making it feel even smaller than the original? What needs to be stored there? Should you remodel o0r reorganize?

So many things to consider, but here are tips to make it easy for you.

  1. Determine Your Kitchen's Functions

Take advantage of every inch by working as much detail as possible into your kitchen plan from the beginning. With great planning you can always find some extra inches  

Deciding a cabinet's function depends on its proximity to other appliances

Silverware drawers make for easy cleanup when they're near the sink and dishwasher. Spices set in a drawer close to the cooktop can make cooking easier. Keep everyday items near the sink or prep area, where you'll be using them the most

  1. Cabinet or Drawer?

Although cabinets often cost less than drawers, these architects all agree that deep and wide drawers tend to be more useful. They allow you to use the entire depth of a space and are easier to use.


  1. Maximizing Storage and Space

Maximizing storage can often make a kitchen feel more open because there will be less countertop clutter. It’s been discovered that devoting one wall entirely to full-height storage, opening up space for a counter and getting rid of the need for upper cabinetry throughout.