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Knowing the right dining table shape for you

Rectangular Dining Tables

A rectangular dining table shape is perhaps the most common, and there's a reason for it. A rectangle is possibly the best shape for a dining room table because most dining rooms are also rectangular.
A rectangular dining table is also a good shape to seat a more than four people, especially if it comes with an extra leaf for extending the length, should you need to seat additional guests.

Square Dining Tables

Square shaped rooms look best with a square dining table. Square dining tables are also a good solution if you don’t have a large group to seat most of the time. A square table that can be expanded with leaves and is good for the times you do need to seat more guests. Two square tables can be grouped together to create a larger rectangular seating arrangement for special occasions.

Benefits  of having square tables.
They provide intimacy and a satisfying solution to seating a small number of people.
It can be off-putting to have large a rectangular table if there are only two or three people present for most of your meals—a larger table can make the space seem cold.

Round Dining Tables

The square table is not the only solution for a smaller or square shaped room. A round dining table is another possibility, and it may very well be the best shape for small gatherings: everyone can see everyone else, conversations are easier to carry on, and the setting feels cozier and more intimate.

Oval Dining Table

An oval dining table is very similar to a rectangular one in almost all its attributes. However, visually it seems to occupy less space than a rectangle because of the rounded corners. Use an oval table when you have a narrower or smaller room, but still need to seat more people.