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Ideal Dining Table Height

Standard Dining Table Height


Tables come in different heights, but there is a common height recommended that is between 28 inches to 3o inches. Even if the dining tables and chairs have different shapes, which can bring a small change to the general height, here are some recommendations.

For functionality it has to be high enough so that there is adequate space above the knees but it should also not be too high.

Kitchen counter dining sets

These are probably the highest tables and seats that are there. For those informal meals or quick meals between families, this is a perfect choose the height should be high enough for both the table and seats.

Normal Round Dining Table.

A round table brings that feeling of coziness and more people can have more intimate conversation and meals so if this is your goals, it’s a perfect choice.

The size of the diameter should be between 34 inches to 72 inches.

Factors such as the size of the family members, the size of the room should be put into considerations

Normal Oval dining table

In comparison to the round table, the oval table can accommodate more people, so if you are going to be entertaining a number of them, it’s wise to go for a oval table, its also allows you to manipulate the size of your dining table y adding or reducing seats

The ideal measurements should begin at 34 inches to 86 inches depending on the factors above

Normal Square dining Table

Its similarity is like that of a round table hence its advantages and disadvantages are almost the same.

That is it provides an intimate meeting, because everyone gets a chance to see each other.

But if you have more than say 5 people, then it’s not such a bright choice. Another disadvantage is of you have limited space, a square table is not advisable as it consumes too much space .Measurements should also be between 34 inches to 80 inches.

Normal Rectangle Dining Table

This is the choice for most home owners and decorators.

This is because they take minimum space as you have an option of placing the table at one corner; it’s also perfect for nay size of gatherings large or small.

The measurements start from 34 inches to 80 inches.