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Guest room Furniture

  1. Night stands

 Night stand is very important as the guest can use it to place their phones and pother personal items. Apart from that it can provide a lampshade to help the guest read.

Place an alarm clock on top as well.


  1. Bed

The most important thing you can provide for a guest is a good, comfortable place to rest. It is very difficult to sleep in a new bed, but with clean and quality beddings for your guest, they will fall asleep in no time.


  1. Coffee table

Set aside a coffee table with some water and snacks for the guests.

The coffee table can be used as a place to relax away from the bed with a few reading materials placed on top, this can also double up as a décor piece .



  1. Dresser with drawers

Especially in cases where the guest might spend more than a night. It is very important to have some drawers where they can store their clothes and shoes instead of making them go back into their suitcases each time they need a change of clothes.


  1. Chair or couch

This helps the guest relax away from the bed as he does his reading or research, plus it is very welcoming and makes the room warm