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Guestroom essentials

  1. Waste basket

Make sure you have a waste basket that the guests can use.

Ensure its clean and empty before and after they leave

  1. Side rug and slippers

You don’t want your guests having to deal with the cold tiled floors or wooden floors.  It's important to ensure you have a warm rug at the bedside, bathroom and near the toilet bowl or just have a basket with slippers of a large size or a vitality of colors

  1. Washroom essentials

Ensure that their washroom has all the necessary essentials like shampoo, towels, blow drier, toothpaste, soaps and lotions


  1. Water or any drink for that matter

Have a station set aside, say a coffee table with some water or some soda for the guest , this will greatly improve their comfort.

  1. Have a note set aside.

To welcome and make your guest feel at home, have a small sticky note with all necessary information like Wifi passwords , where to get extra items like toothpaste in the house, and directions to rooms like the kitchen and television room