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Kitchen Island Styles


Kitchen Island Styles

From modern to antique to rainbow-hued designs, kitchen island styles come in a range of options suitable for every space

Choosing a kitchen island style that fits the overall design of a space, that means countertop surfaces, colors and accessories are all factors to consider when choosing your kitchen island style.

Modern designs

Should feature cool, dark surfaces and cabinetry for the kitchen islands. Choose marble or granite countertops paired with cherry wood cabinets and stainless steel fixtures.

Vintage, eclectic feel design

You may want to choose a kitchen island style that better reflects your affection for repurposed or antique items. Choose an antique freestanding buffet with an ivory countertop as a kitchen center piece or a do-it-yourself piece of furniture, like a dresser, that has been re-made to serve as a kitchen island.

The main purpose

Of course, when choosing a kitchen island style, it is also important to consider the top reasons for which you are adding it to your kitchen space. If you are seeking an additional area for food preparation, then you may want to add a sink to the island.

However, if you are looking for more seating, such as a kitchen island with breakfast bar, then you may want to choose a design that has two sides, allowing for one side devoted to food preparation and the other for counter-style dining.