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Posted by Media Rama on October 18, 2022
Cheerful African Spouses Using Tablet Computer Searching Apartment For Rent

Finding the right apartment in a sea of upcoming and existing residential developments can be rather difficult. There’s a plethora of different payment plans and entry points (deposit) in today’s market. 

So what do we do?

Well, there are definitely a number of factors that you may consider when choosing an apartment to move into, especially if you plan on paying rent. 

Here are some of the things you can consider:

  1. Cost of rent – Where do you want to live? It’s important to do research and see what the average cost of rent is within the area. Generally rent doesn’t fluctuate between apartments in the same area–unless of course it is a more luxurious apartment. 
  1. Accessibility – How will you get to work? Is there easy access to where you want to go? Your favourite restaurant, your children’s school or perhaps the hospital? If you’ve driven or have been driven in Nairobi, I believe you understand the terrible amount of bumper to bumper traffic we encounter on a daily basis. 
  1.  Proximity to essential services – Are you near a supermarket, hospital or schools you’d like to send your children to? 

Thanks to the various projects in Nairobi such as the expressway. It’s been a little easier to access various parts of the city during peak hours. 

If you plan on moving with little ones, this is definitely something you need to consider. Especially with the way Nairobi traffic can get at a moment’s notice. 

Luckily, real estate developers such as Rama Homes have taken all these factors and more into consideration. 

One of the prominent residential developments by Rama Homes is situated in Syokimau. It has been strategically constructed here because of all the aforementioned factors. 

Gateway Park is a collection of family 3 bedroom apartments behind Gateway Mall. These beautiful 3 bedroom apartments are priced at KSh 9,000,000.

It is 5 minutes away from Mombasa road, with easy access to the Jomo Kenyatta Airport and CBD thanks to the

It goes without saying with such easy accessibility–Gateway Park is in proximity to a number of reputable schools such as the Aga Khan Academy. 

Gateway Park offers an amazingly competitive rental rate compared to other 3 bedroom apartments in the area. 

For as low as KSh 65,000 you could own an apartment with a little over 1,400 square feet. 

You’re probably wondering if that includes service charge.

Yes, it does! 

Rama Homes Limited offers the option for rent to own at the Gateway Park development. Granted the initial deposit will be higher (60%) but you will be able to immediately occupy the apartment.

You are getting more value for your money with Rama Homes. This is especially true if you opt into the 4 to 6 payment plans. It gives you the option to buy in at a lower entry point (10-30% deposit) and gives you the chance to have property that will appreciate over time.

Many of the clients who had purchased an apartment at the initial stages of Gateway Park’s construction have had up to an 18% increase in value of the property in a little over 2 years.

If you wish to take a tour of Gateway Park, feel free to get in touch with the property consultants at Rama Homes by dialing 0709 658 000.

You can also visit their offices located along Mpaka road in Westlands.

These are amazingly affordable apartments that give you a higher standard of living.

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