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Posted by Media Rama on February 27, 2023
Interior design of luxury living room with stylish armchair, gold liquor cabinet, a lot of plants and elegant personal accessories. Wood panelling with shelf. Modern home decor. Template.

Identify your style

As the fashion icon Rachael Zoe say, ‘style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak’ ,okay well we are not selling clothes here but as sure as it gets, this statement also applies to your personal style at home. Before even thinking of designing your home, find out what makes you tick, what you like, how you like it. It’s imperative to find a designer who can easily marry your ideas and theirs as well.

Know where to find them

Well you can’t really compare notes with just the idea of a person. So the next step is looking for all the interior designers you can lay your hands on. There must be a million out there so of course you have to narrow down to the ones who seem to have the same taste as you.

Take a look at some portfolios

Before you settle on one designer take a look at his previous work, this gives you deeper insight about their style and also gives you confidence that they know what they are doing, we don’t want ending up with a house looking like a Halloween themed party.


Have a face to face meeting. As much as their portfolio looks good in paper also meeting them personally gives you a clear picture of who they are professionally and how well they can listen. You need someone who is easy to communicate and get along with for a smooth design process. In matters style, monologue is not pleasant at all!

Terms and condition

Once you settle on a designer set some ground rules, timelines and agree on pricing. If you are both comfortable with everything then voila! Start decorating! Having contract protects both of your interest and assures you of delivery.

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